How Much Does A Pitch Deck Cost?


How Much Does A Pitch Deck Cost?

We present the most important details on how much a pitch deck costs.

So, how much does a pitch deck cost?

Let's start with some basic descriptions which are important in the beginning.

Pitch Deck Definition: It represents your vision, crafts your story, and gives investors a detailed overview of your abilities to survive, expand and thrive in the competitive business world. With so much depending on this document, a pitch deck must be designed strategically and delivered professionally, impressing the venture capitalists.

In simple words, you have to influence the investors with a perfect pitch deck and get the budget for your remarkable business idea.

  • So, how much should you invest in developing a pitch deck presentation that instantly “Sells” your idea to the investors?
  • Will bringing a professional pitch deck designer into the picture cost you more?

If you, too, are having issues related to pitch deck cost, let us summarize things to give you a better idea about the ultimate deck cost you might have to incur to get unique slides and a pitch deck that genuinely present your concept.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Pitch Deck

There is a lot of hard work that goes into building a pitch deck right from scratch. From adjusting the fonts to making every slide from deck engaging and informative, some dominant factors that may add to the deck cost involve these essential elements:

Time Limit

Managing business activities is a tough time job as there is always a schedule to follow. Similarly, when it comes to preparing a pitch deck for your next big project, time matters a lot. The amount of time you need dramatically influences the cost of the pitch deck. For example, a design specialist will prepare it effectively and promptly but will surely charge more, whereas hiring a freelance designer might lengthen the process but reduce the cost.

Effectiveness Costs

You need a pitch deck that is effective and delivers just the right idea to your investors. To acquire a handsome investment from VCs, the pitch deck must have the “Wow” element in it. So, choosing a developer with the skills you are looking for will also determine the cost of your pitch deck.

Design and Layout

Next comes the structure of your pitch deck. You need an impactful pitch design while also remaining within your average budget, but it may be challenging. Professionals know how best to arrange every slide and what narration will strike the nerve of the investors. However, it will significantly influence your budget, adding more "Zeros" to your expected pitch deck design cost.

Average Pitch Deck Design Cost

Depending on your budget and the level of accuracy you need in every slide of your pitch deck, several things build up the cost of your pitch deck.

  • Going for a DIY project and using templates, you can speed up the designing work while also saving some extra bucks of your business inventory. However, it may not deliver the desired results.
  • If you go by the pay-per-slide model, the pitch deck consultants may charge $10 for each slide. Revisions, editing, and enhancement may further add to the total cost of the pitch deck. Roughly you may have to pay about $400 - $600 for less than 20 slides that will be delivered to you within a week. For preparing a full pitch deck presentation that is perfect from every angle, the marketing agencies offering pay-per-slide service may cost you $1500 or more per project.

But the downside to this idea is it will require more time, and you will have to communicate every step and deliver every suggestion to the agency. The team at the company will then deliver it to the designers working on your project. Quite a lengthy cycle!

Average Pitch Deck Design Cost
Average Pitch Deck Design Cost

Cost Of Designing A Pitch Deck From Scratch Using DIY Ideas

Designing and creating a pitch deck from scratch and that too using DIY ideas and templates may not be a good idea when you aim to get approval for your project and are looking forward to a straight “Yes” from the investor's side.

For starters, putting together a pitch deck, you need to have an up-to-date market analysis, a thorough knowledge of all the designing tools, and the technique to present your story with a vision behind it. Moving forward with so much to work on will not eat up your time but may not give you a pitch deck appreciable by the investors. Also, it will cost you less or may be completely free, but effectiveness is not a sure thing with this approach.

Can You Hire A Freelancer For Creating A Pitch Deck?

Hiring a freelance pitch deck designer is a welcoming idea for many, mainly because it is inexpensive. A freelance artist may charge up to $35 - $250 per hour. But finding a proficient freelancer who is up to the job, has the right skills, and can deliver work on time is tiresome.

They often don't have a business background or a background in venture capital or angel investing. But it's crucuial to understand your target group.

You might have to go through countless portfolios, explain your idea multiple times, and even then, there is no guarantee that you will get the pitch deck you have in mind. With freelancers, it is like taking extreme chances, which could be a problem if you need your pitch deck ready in a short time. In short, the freelancer may cover your budget, but the time and efficiency factors may get missed.

Can You Hire A Freelancer For Creating A Pitch Deck
Cost Of Designing A Pitch Deck From Scratch Using DIY Ideas

How Much Will A Pitch Deck Designing Expert Cost?

Well, if you have the financial means or you are ready to bet everything you have on the unique idea, hiring a professional, skillful, and experienced pitch deck designer will give your pitch deck all the stupendous elements you are looking for. Besides being experienced in creating a virtually appealing and engaging slideshow presentation, these experts have market knowledge, knows market trends, consumer demands, and how best to approach the investors.

They give you an impeccable design and professional pitch deck in a short time and with a promise of positive return from the investor side.

The price of a designer-built pitch deck typically ranges between $2000 to $4000. This would be for the average size of a deck. If you want to know how long should a pitch deck be, you can find more details in our article.

Wrapping It Up

So now you know how much does a pitch deck cost?

If you are serious about your startup, you need a winning pitch deck with a narrative that surprises the VCs. Each slide of your deck has to be perfect.  Keeping in mind your budget, the time demanded by each designer, and how proficient they are, will help you choose someone who can help you stand out among others. So, look at their portfolios, pitch decks they have created, and have a face-to-face talk to them before assigning them the task.

A little digging may lead you to a designer who is capable, quick, and even charges a reasonable amount.

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