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Transforming visions into compelling stories, our Pitch Deck Service crafts the narrative your startup needs to dazzle investors and clinch critical funding.

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At spectup, we build investor presentations for ambitious startups that compellingly tell your business' story and drive investors to set up the next meeting with you.

Having an excellent business idea is great. However, if you do not communicate it to investors or potential customers effectively in your pitch deck, it will just remain what it is – a good idea. Since our establishment, our pitch deck consultants have helped startups and growing businesses secure funding from investors, make more sales and rise above the competition. So, let us do the same for you.

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Pitch Deck Design Agency

Our Pitch Deck Services - Everything In One Place

Our pitch deck services include everything you need to build a persuasive PowerPoint deck from scratch.

Let's build your deck

Pitch Deck Design Service

With a level of design that rivals major consultant companies like BCG and McKinsey, our pitch decks are visually stunning and effectively communicate the value of your business. Our pitch deck consultants know how to strike a sweet visual balance to avoid making it too plain or too busy.


Pitch Deck Copywriting

We don't just write pitch deck content made up of big words and chunks of boring paragraphs. Instead, our experienced pitch deck consultants put their persuasive and communication skills to work to write compelling and concise content that converts.


Pitch Deck Story Creation

Keep investors hooked from the beginning of your pitch to the end with a well-written and articulated pitch deck story that inspires, delivers value and highlights the benefits of investing in or working with you.


Pitch Deck Research & Content

A successful pitch deck should always have the numbers laid out, and your projected performance in the future forecasted clearly and concisely. That's where our pitch deck research and content services come in. We'll help you gather and analyze the relevant data.

Pitch Deck Consulting service

We Incorporate All Elements, Of An Excellent Pitch Deck

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Define the problems you aim to solve and how they affect your ideal customer.



Bring your solution to the table, highlighting its USPs and the value it will deliver.



Give investors an insight into the market size, opportunities, and gaps your solution will bridge.



Present the product or service you have to offer and describe its unique selling points.



Give your investors a quick brief on the market demand for your product or service.



Introduce the driving force behind your business  and the roles it will play.



Present the competition to beat and what you will do differently to stay ahead of them.



Finish your pitch deck with a statement on how much funding you need and how you will use it.


Our Pitch Deck Design Service Portfolio At A Glance

Take a look at some of our past projects to discover how our pitch deck agency works and what we can do for you.

Build your pitch deck

Pitch deck consultants

Get Your Investor Presentation In 6 Simple Steps

Start A Project

Initial Call

Our pitch deck consultants take time to discuss your project needs, expectations, and scope to see if we are the right fit for you before sending a detailed quote.


NDA, SOW and Portfolio

After the first call, you will receive a link to your own data room that includes all the contracts, the NDA, and some pitch decks from our portfolio for your review.


Project Kick-Off

We'll dive deep into your financial data, transforming those numbers into valuable insights that light the way toward trends, opportunities, and smart decisions.


Pitch Deck Research, Copy and Story

Our research team will carry out all the necessary research needed to understand your business, industry, market, and your targeted reader – whether they are customers or investors. By doing this, we will be able to differentiate you from the rest.


Pitch Deck Design

Our experienced pitch deck designers will design your pitch deck according to the content and integrate the visual elements of your brand into the presentation.


Pitch Deck Delivery

We will send you the final version of the pitch deck, and if you are happy with it, you can go right ahead and blow people away. If not, we will edit it until you are satisfied.


Your Startup, Our Support: Find Your Perfect Pitch Deck Plan

Pitch Deck Service
(up to 20 Slides)


This package is a holistic representation of your startup, encompassing all critical facets to give investors a complete picture.

Award-Winning Slide Design

Expert Copywriting Services

In-depth Market Research (Market Size, Trends, Competitors)

Storytelling & Value Creation

Dedicated Consultant & Calls

Pitch Deck Service + Financial Modeling


This package prepares you for investor engagement, covering key aspects such as a pitch deck, financials, and valuation.

Everything from Pitch Deck Service

Startup Valuation

Forecasting and Projections

Interactive Dashboards

Custom Excel Financial Model

Dedicated Consultant & Calls

Monthly Investor Outreach Service

$3090 /mo

This package offering research assistance and connections with pertinent investors to streamline your outreach efforts.

Investor Analysis

Contact Collection

Customized Outreach

Document Organization

Ongoing Fundraising Consultation

Advantages of our Pitch Deck Agency

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We Think Outside The Box

At spectup, we not only know the anatomy of a winning pitch. We also understand what investors and buyers look at before choosing a company and making big moves. Leveraging their wealth of knowledge and experience, our pitch deck consultants formulate innovative ideas that give your pitch decks the attention they deserve.

We Always Do Our Homework

We never create your pitch decks based on intuition or lucky guesses. Instead, we invest a lot of time in carrying out research on your business, the investors you wish to attract, your competition and more. The result? An outstanding pitch deck that gives you a competitive edge.

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We Do All The Heavy Lifting

Once you tell us your requirements and the goals you aim to achieve with our pitch deck service, leave the rest to us. We take care of all aspects of your pitch deck-building process and assign a dedicated pitch deck consultant to you so you can focus solely on your business.

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Your Pitch Deck Is Unique To You

Forget generic, cookie-cutter pitch decks that everyone uses. Through our pitch deck design services, we customize every aspect of your project to your business and unique needs, from the visual elements to the content and more. The best part? We always deliver at fast turnaround times.

Pitch Deck Services For Various Industries

We offer pitch deck consulting services in various industries to help businesses create compelling presentations that attract investors and secure funding. Our team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of success.


Compelling presentations for biotech breakthroughs.

Artifical Intelligence (AI)

Engaging pitch decks for AI-focused startups.

Social & Sustainability

Impactful presentations driving sustainable impact.

Blockchain, NFTs & DLT

Expert pitch deck creation for decentralized blockchain technologies.

Financial Technology

Dynamic presentations accelerating fintech innovation.

Education Startups

Tailored pitch deck service für propelling edtech ventures.


Eye-catching presentations showcasing cybersecurity growth.

Retail & E-Commerce

Compelling presentations driving e-commerce success.

On Demand Services

Boost on-demand startups with expert modeling.


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