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spectup helps startups and growing startups track their KPIs, project their future performance, and get the funding they need from investors.

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Spectup helps startups and growing businesses track their KPIs, project their future performance and get the funding they need from investors.

Our financial modeling agency builds insightful, data-driven financial models that enable you to assess the financial impact of your decisions, project your potential growth. As a result, you will not only support your business plan but also give investors the confidence to inject money into your business.

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With Our End-To-End Financial Modeling Services We Will Help You Do The Following

Measure Your Performance

Discover how your company's stock or real estate performance is impacted by your business moves and make better executive decisions.

Plan Your Moves, Strategically

From allocating financial, corporate, and human resources to testing scenarios, we help you formulate the right strategies.

Minimize Your Risks To A Minimum

Borrow our brains and execute your business plans confidently with data-driven research that will move your business forward.

Eliminate Startup Bottlenecks

Our financial modeling consultants will help you discover your weaknesses and capitalize on them to grow your startup.

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spectup's Financial Expertise: From Startup Valuation to Favorable Investment Terms

A great financial model is more than just a pictorial report of financial statements. Instead, it should answer the right questions in a way that is easy to understand. At spectup, we ensure your financial model enables analysis for key financial, commercial, and operational sensitivities, allowing key stakeholders and investors to make informed decisions.

spectup empowers businesses, from startups to established enterprises, to secure the necessary funding that aligns with their unique objectives. In the complex world of capital raising, small businesses, in particular, often face significant challenges. To overcome these hurdles, spectup offers specialized financial modeling services.

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Income Statement

It includes revenues, cost of goods sold, gross margin, operating expenses, net income, taxes, and other related items.


Balance Sheet

This consists of assets, liabilities, and equity, reflecting the financial position of the company at a particular point in time.


Cash Flow Statement

This captures the changes in cash and cash equivalents, segregating cash flows from operating, investing, and financing activities.


Startup Valuation

For a startup, valuation models might include methodologies like Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparables, or Venture Capital Method.


Depreciation and Amortization Schedule

This includes the depreciation of tangible assets and the amortization of intangible assets over time.


Capital Expenditure (CapEx)

This reflects the company's investment in physical assets like property, plant, and equipment.


Working Capital Projections

These are the projections related to current assets and current liabilities, essential for day-to-day business operations.


Debt Schedule

This includes all information about the company's borrowings and repayments, interest expenses, and related items.


Sensitivity Analysis

It assesses how different values of an independent variable affect a particular dependent variable under a given set of assumptions.


Scenario Analysis

This explores various possible future developments by considering alternative possible outcomes (scenarios).


Tax Considerations

Various tax obligations and benefits, including sales tax, income tax, etc.


Break-Even Analysis

This identifies the point where total revenue equals total costs, highlighting the sales needed to cover costs.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

These are specific financial metrics used to monitor the company's performance in critical areas.


Ratios and Financial Metrics

These might include profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, etc.


Equity and Dividend Distribution

Details related to equity shares, retained earnings, and dividend distribution.


Forecasting and Projections

These components help in predicting future revenues, expenses, cash flows, etc., usually spanning over 3 to 5 years or even more.


Financial Roadmap: Compare and Choose Our Packages

Financial Modeling Service


Constructs a detailed financial framework for your startup, delivering clear insights and projections to effectively communicate your financial potential.

Dedicated Financial Modeling Consultant

Startup Valuation

Forecasting and Projections

Interactive Dashboards

Custom Excel Financial Model

Pitch Deck Service + Financial Modeling


This package prepares you for investor engagement, covering key aspects such as a pitch deck, financials, and valuation.

Everything from Financial Modeling Service

Award-Winning Slide Design (18-20 Slides)

Expert Copywriting Services

In-depth Market Research (Market Size, Trends, Competitors)

Storytelling & Value Creation

Dedicated Consultant & Calls

Monthly Investor Outreach Service

$3090 /mo

This package offering research assistance and connections with pertinent investors to streamline your outreach efforts.

Investor Analysis

Contact Collection

Customized Outreach

Document Organization

Ongoing Fundraising Consultation

Financial Modeling Consultants

Explore Our Financial Modeling Approach, In 5 Easy Steps

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Connect with us to discuss your project with our financial modeling consultant by filling in our booking form in as much detail as possible.

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We will get back to you with a detailed quote on our financial modelling services and connect you with our experienced financial modelling consultant.

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Building Structures

We will ask the right questions to understand the numbers and influencing factors that impact your company's performance. With that we are building the structure and functionalities of your model.

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Assumptions & Data

Our financial modelling consultant starts building your financial model, from defining key inputs and outputs to ensuring that the model is feasible by comparing the numbers to real life data.

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Our team will send over your financial model to you for review and feedback. Once you go through it, we will make all the changes you need to make it perfect.

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Business Case Service

The Spectup Advantage

Using the core value drivers of your business, robust analysis tools and the latest accounting and tax standards, we ensure that your financial model enables you to explore the impact of your financial decisions and support your business plan. See what makes us different.

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Unparalleled Experience

Our team consists of financial modelling consultants who know the difference between a good and bad financial model. We take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to your business and ensure that all information is conveyed in a way that is easy to understand.  

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Startup Language

Most financial modelling companies never consider how difficult it is for emerging and growing business founders to build a financial model designed for grassroots growth. At Spectup, we ensure our financial modelling services not only support your business plan but also help you get funded.  

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Scalable Services

Starting a business requires a lot of capital and strains your financial resources. That is why we give you the freedom to choose what you want to be included in your financial modelling services so you can prioritize what matters without overstepping your budget.

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Fast Turnarounds

We understand how time-sensitive some financial modeling projects can be, especially when you have investors to impress. Therefore, our financial modelling consultants ensure that your project is always delivered as scheduled. The best part? We never compromise on the quality of our work.

Industries We Serve, But Not Only

With a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, we are equipped to provide expert guidance and support to businesses of all sizes, helping them navigate the complex world of financial modeling and make data-driven decisions.


Advanced financial modeling for biotech breakthroughs.

Artifical Intelligence (AI)

AI-focused startup financial modeling consultants.

Social & Sustainability

Financial models driving sustainable impact.

Blockchain, NFTs & DLT

Modeling success in decentralized technologies.

Financial Technology

Fintech financial modeling, accelerating innovation.

Education Startups

Propel edtech with tailored financial models.


Secure growth with cybersecurity financial modeling.

Retail & E-Commerce

Financial models for thriving e-commerce ventures.

On Demand Services

Boost on-demand startups with expert modeling.


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Ready To Build A Powerful Startup Financial Model?

Our startup financial modelling consultants are ready to take note of your requirements and create a solid financial model based on critical metrics of your startup or growing business. Let's get started.

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