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Startup consultancy

Spectup is a boutique startup consulting agency that helps founders and entrepreneurs build a solid business foundation. We bring the full range of critical early-stage disciplines for your disruptive startup to rapidly get investor-ready.

90% of Startups are doomed to fail, and less than 50% make it past the fifth year.

Getting your business off the ground takes more than just an idea. You need to know your target market, measure your earning potential and build a solid business foundation.

400k - 600MM Raises

Trusted by 50+ Startups

81% Funding Success Rate

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Consulting Services For Every Business

Our startup consulting agency provides you with all the services you need to build a sustainable business that will actually generate profits. We also help investors capitalize on investment opportunities through our services.


For Startups

Focus on your core business and get funded

Our startup consulting services go beyond telling you the 'why' and 'how.' Instead, we work hands-on as an extension of your team to help you formulate and execute strategies that help you magnetize your business for investors.


For Investors

Increase the value of your portfolio startups

Are you looking to scale your portfolio companies and maximize your ROI? Think of us as a strategic business growth partner that will help you take them to the next level of funding and build a solid financial foundation for growth.


For Entrepreneurs

Build Startups together with us

Let us help you develop your new business ideas and turn them into actionable, realizable strategies that maximize your earning potential. Our dedicated business consultants will guide you every step of the way.

Get Ready for Investment

Mobilizing your business strategy starts with funding, and to get funded, you need to attract investors. At spectup, we offer a full suite of services that inspire confidence in your potential investors when assessing your business and compel them to inject capital into it.

Don't Establish Your Business On Intuition

Building successful businesses based on guesswork worked in the 20th century, not now. With new businesses emerging every day, it is important to do your homework to ensure that you formulate the right strategies for growth. At spectup, we take care of all the research you need to get started.

Forget Cookie Cutter Solutions

Your business idea is different and our startup consultants never settle for generic solutions. We keep everything bespoke. We immerse ourselves in how your business works and customize our services to your unique needs to ensure that we align you with your goals.  

Business Consultants

Experience The spectup Difference, In 3 Easy Steps

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Connect with us

Request our business consulting services and schedule a consultation. We will assign a dedicated startup consultant to you and schedule a meeting.

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Tell us your needs

We take time to learn more about your business or idea and take note of your requirements. During this time, we ask all the right questions to ensure that we get the job done right.

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Start your project

Sit back, relax and wait for your mailbox alert to ding. Our startup consultants do all the heavy lifting so you can invest your time in what matters while we take care of the rest.

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Partner With A Startup Consulting Agency, That Works

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We are (ex-)consultants, founders, native copywriters and award-winning designers. This combination of talent allows us to offer you our power-packed services with real added value


We measure our performance by your success and apply ourselves to helping you navigate the entire process of preparing to get funded, from research to creating a business plan and pitch deck.  


With us, you never have to worry about surprises or hidden costs. We always make everything clear before undertaking your project so you never feel like you are left in the dark.


Our experts deliver fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality, understanding the urgency of securing funding and ensuring your project gets timely attention.

Meet Our Team of Startup Consultants

Niclas Tim

Founder and CEO

Deloitte Venture Architect

Validated & built several startups in the role as a Consultant for Deloitte Innovation & Ventures

Startup, Design & Business Enthusiast

Worked for several successful startups before he joined N26, who collected $1,7B in funding

Ex-Banking Trainee

Gained intensive financial expertise through his traineeship before the started his studies

Alexander Karl


Digital Growth Consultant

Delivering exceptional results for international clients, consistently exceeding expectations

Expert For Startup Products

Built and optimized several products and services for startups in various industries

Lecturer For Digital Business

Enabling aspiring students to accumulate competencies in digital business

Discover Our Startup Products

Master The Investor Q&A

$ 99.00 USD

Are you ready to impress investors and secure funding for your startup? Introducing "Master the Investor Q&A," a comprehensive guide designed to help startup founders like you ace the post-pitch Q&A session with potential investors. We've compiled a list of 100 critical questions that investors are likely to ask, covering aspects not typically addressed in a standard pitch deck.

Master The Investor Q&A

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