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We provide end-to-end market research services for startups and growing businesses, allowing them to position themselves as an authority in their industry.

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We take over your entire startup market research process so you can redirect your focus to your business. With us, you can rest assured knowing you have a trusted partner who will get the research done right and on time.

No successful and sustainable business is ever built on guesswork. You must know the needs of the people you aim to serve, understand your competition and beat them at their own game. This will give your business visibility and a competitive edge in the market.However, conducting market research for startups is not only time-consuming. It requires a high level of expertise to ensure that you find credible data from trusted sources and analyse it the right way. That's where we come in.  

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What Makes Us Different?

All successful businesses do market research. However, not every market research agency will value your business enough to get in tune with your unique needs, especially if you have a startup or small business.

At spectup, we are built differently. Our market research agency is big enough to get the job done and small enough to ensure that the research is unbiased, comprehensive and based on up-to-the-minute data.

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All-Inclusive. Data-Driven

Our market research services for startups are comprehensive, allowing us to serve as a single contact point for all your startup validation needs. We aim to help you make informed decisions and results-driven strategies that will make your venture profitable.

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Market Outlook

Analyse the numbers and forecasts to see if you can own stake of your target market.

Market Dynamics

Stay on the pulse of the drivers, trends and constraints that shape the market.

Competitive Analysis

See what your competitors are doing right and where they are lacking.

Market Segmentation

Identify your targeted consumer groups and formulate marketing strategies that resonate.

Supply Chain Analysis

Get insights on your product journey, from procuring raw materials to delivering it.

Porter's Five Forces

Discover how your market environment will affect your industry and adjust your strategy.

Market Share

Measure your business's sales as a percentage of your market's total revenue.

Pestle Analysis

Understand the political, economic, social,technological, legal, and environmental factors.

Our market research agency will help you answer the right questions


Who is my target audience?

What are the needs of my target group?

Which obstacles could affect our process?

What are the needs of my target group?

How will I reach my customers?

Which benefits of offer must be highlighted?


Who are my top competitors?

What are they doing right?

Which gaps in the market are not filled?

How can I outperform other players?

How can I win clients from other companies?

What is the future strategy of a competitor?

Trends & Financials

What price point should I choose?

Can I profit from this market?

Is the market growing and why?

Are there any relevant subsidies?

How will trends affect my business plan?

What is the next relevant innovation?

Discover How We Work

Reach Out To us

Write to us by filling in our contact form to request our market research services. One of our team members will be in touch with you to schedule a virtual consultation at a time that works for you.

Tell Us More About Your Project

We connect with you to understand the details of your project, take note of your requirements and give our expert recommendations when needed to ensure seamless execution.

We Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement

To give you peace of mind knowing your idea and business model will be kept confidential, we will sign a non-disclosure-agreement before we get started. Once signed, we get to work.

We Conduct Your Market Research

Our market research experts gather the latest data from trusted sources, analyse it, and bring your market research project together. Once done, we will send the completed work to you.

We Deliver Your Project

We will deliver your market research project to your mailbox in a high-quality, editable format, ready to be sent to your investors and key stakeholders!

Startup Research Service

Why Choose spectup?

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Unparalled Expertise

With market research services driven by intensive primary research and data analytics, we help you ensure that your startup is customer-centric, relevant and competitive in the industry.

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Leading Methods

We take a quantitative and qualitative approach to both primary and secondary market research to benchmark you against multiple factors that impact your growth and potential to secure investors.

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Lower Your Risks

Our market research services are based on real-time and relevant data, eliminating your risks of making the wrong moves. Therefore,you can make calculated decisions that move you forward.

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See Our Work In Action

It takes more than a Google search and videos to know what it is like to present to investors and hit the nail on the head. Through our pitch training services, we show you how to pitch to investors and tell you what investors look for and expect to see during presentations.

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Industries We Serve, But Not Only

We have helped startups and small businesses across almost all industries get access to world-class research and insights that drive them forward.


Uncovering biotech breakthroughs with tailored market research services.

Artifical Intelligence (AI)

Empowering AI innovations through strategic research consultant insights.

Social & Sustainability

Enhancing sustainable development with specialized market research.

Blockchain, NFTs & DLT

Unraveling blockchain trends via dedicated research consultant solutions.

Financial Technology

Advancing FinTech growth with targeted market research analysis.

Education Startups

Guiding education ventures through expert research consulting.


Bolstering cybersecurity resilience with insightful market research.

Retail & E-Commerce

Strengthening retail strategies with data-driven research insights.

On Demand Services

Fueling on-demand service success through market research expertise.


Answers, To The Most Asked Questions About Our Market Research Services

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Are your services limited to market research only?

Which reports should I include in my research to attract investors?

What information should I make available to you before you get started?

What if I have questions after receiving my market research document?

How long will it take for my market research project to be delivered?

Can I trust you to be discrete with my project information?

What if I'm not happy with the startup market research delivered to me?

Let Us Put Our Startup Market Research Skills To Work For You

Our market research experts are ready to help you understand your market better, capitalize on market gaps and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Let's get started.

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