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Looking to grow and scale your company? spectup helps businesses at all stages of development secure the funding they need to align with their goals.  

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Thousands of businesses seek funding each day. What makes you stand out?

Every business with potential will always reach a point where it has to choose its growth path. However, using operational capital to grow your business or investing money out of pocket into your startup is never enough to help you scale up faster.

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Unlock Your Business' Potential

At spectup, we know how to navigate the complex landscape of investors, lenders, and other sources of capital to help you achieve your goals. Our fundraising consultants help you formulate high-level fundraising proposals that reflect how your strategies will benefit investors and compel them to seed capital into your businesses.

spectup helps businesses of all sizes secure the funding they need to align with their goals. Raising capital can be challenging, especially for small businesses and startups. Therefore, we offer comprehensive business fundraising consulting services for all fundraising campaigns. As a result, you can confidently navigate the process, maximize your chances of getting capital, and negotiate favourable investment terms.

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From reward-based and donation-based fundraising to equity-based campaigns, we help you raise money from many people through online platforms.

Venture Capital

We help you formulate a business fundraising strategy highlighting your business' value and growth potential investors, inspiring them to inject capital.

Angel Investing

Highlight the potential of your startup to angel investors and secure the funding you need to get your idea off the ground and grow more rapidly.

Retained Earnings

Create a persuasive business fundraising proposal to convince key stakeholders to reinject retained earnings into your business and accelerate your growth.

Debt Capital

Create a powerful business fundraising strategy that will help you secure borrowed funds on a long-term or short-term basis, depending on your needs.

Fundraising Consultancy

Tailored Fundraising Consulting Services

We offer a comprehensive range of fundraising consulting services to help you at every stage of the fundraising process. So whether you're just starting and need help developing a fundraising strategy, or you're ready to pitch to investors and need support crafting your pitch, we're here to help.

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Strategy Development

Our fundraising consultants will work with you to develop a business fundraising strategy individualized to your business and your goals. We will help you identify the best sources of capital for your business, and develop a plan for how to approach investors, lenders, and other potential sources of funding.

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Pitch Deck Development

A well-crafted pitch deck is essential for any business fundraising effort. We'll help you develop a pitch deck that effectively communicates your business and vision, highlighting the key metrics and data that investors and lenders are looking for.


Investor Outreach and Due Diligence

We'll help you identify and approach potential investors and guide you through the due diligence process to ensure that you're well-prepared for any questions or concerns they may have.

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Term Sheet and Negotiation Support

Once you've secured investor interest, we'll help you negotiate the best possible terms for your business. We'll work with you to understand the deal terms and ensure you make informed decisions.

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Post Funding Support

Raising capital is just the first step. We'll help you navigate the post-funding landscape, including investor relations, financial reporting, and any other issues that may arise.

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Your Fundraising Roadmap

At the heart of our approach is a deep understanding of what it takes to raise capital in today's competitive business environment successfully.

Our team of experts has years of experience in fundraising across various industries and sectors, and we've helped businesses of all sizes secure the funding they need to grow and thrive.

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Market Research

We understand your market

At spectup, we never work based on intuition. Our business fundraising consultants always do their homework. We help you identify market gaps you can capitalize on to support your business fundraising campaign and impress investors.


Strategy Formulation

We Develop a strategy

Our business fundraising consultants will help you develop a high-impact strategy to approach the right investors and deliver your proposal intelligently.


Getting Finances In Order

We do financial modeling

Numbers matter to investors. Therefore, we help you present your finances and projected revenue strategically so you can increase your odds of getting funded.


Company Valuation

We implement valuation calculations

Knowing the value of your business before starting your business fundraising campaign will help you understand key drivers and metrics investors will look at, giving you more confidence when negotiating.


Pitch Deck Preparation

We develop a concise investor deck

A pitch deck goes a long way in maximizing the impact of your business fundraising efforts. Therefore, we will design a pitch deck to help you make a powerful impression on investors.


Pitch Training

We prepare you to present

A great idea and an equally excellent pitch deck are not always enough for investors. Therefore, we also train you to present your business fundraising proposal effectively to win investors.


Investor Outreach

We reach out to investors

Reaching out to the right investors at the right time is an excellent way of ensuring you make it to the negotiation table. Our business fundraising consultants will support your fundraising drive with dealmaking and investor access.


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Our experienced business fundraising consultants are here to lead you from the drawing board to the negotiation table with suitable investors. Let's get started.

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