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With our fundraising consultant services we support startups to increase their chances to get money from banks or VC's.

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You want to increase your fundraising chances?

Investors are becoming increasingly cautious with their investments. The market is becoming more competitive. As a comprehensive fundraising consultant we support your startup to significantly increase your chances to get funding for your business.

Some of our Fundraising Consultant Services

Pitch Deck Service

Well-thought research, data and content make our pitch deck consulting services boost your next funding round.

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Business Plan Writing Service

Compelling and fully-designed business plans for different purposes such as startups, strategy, bank loans, investors and immigration.

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Financial Modelling for Startups

With our Financial Modelling Service we captures the essence of your business and professionally displays the financial KPIs for any business looking for funding from investors or banks.

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Market Reseach Services

With unmatched insights on countless markets, our custom, comprehensive, and professional market research services will help you take your business to new heights.

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Fundraising Consultant

Increase your fundraising chances

As a fundraising consultant we support you to increase your value with an ingenious pitch deck, business plan, financial modelmarket research.

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Contact us for your individual Fundraising Consultant Service

Fastest step ever. Contact us and we'll create you an individual offer with selected services to increase your chances of being funded.


Sign the NDA and upload your requirements

After placing your order we will send you a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) so that your business or your idea is safe. Then you can upload all information we need to start.


Increase your Funding Chances

Congratulations! You've increased your chances of being funded with our fundraising consultant services.

Questions regarding our Fundraising Consultant Service?

What is a fundraising consultant?

From running a fundraising campaign to grant writing: A lot of work goes into raising funds for research, charity or other similar projects. As a professional fundraising consultants we can help you navigate the fundraising process by implementing activities such as soliciting donations through a charity dinner, crowdfunding, and digital marketing campaigns.

Will my order be treated confidentially?

Yes, indeed! Every order of our fundraising consultant services will be conducted at the highest level of confidentiality. We will send you our NDA (non-disclosure agreement) directly after you placed the order and before you send us all requirements and information.

How quickly can you start a project?

It depends on the scope and scale of the project. Normally we can start a project within a few days. However, how fast a project is implemented is very individual.

What services do you offer?

Currently, we offer some selected services that increase your chances of receiving a fundraising.
- Pitch Deck Service
- Business Plan Writing
- Market Research
- Financial Modeling

We can also provide customized services upon request.

Why should I work with you?

We perceive your startup from a holistic perspective and knows exactly what and how information should be structured. We have helped many companies run successful fundraising campaigns and bring the expertise to increase your chances of getting it.

Do you offer custom packages?

Yes, of course! Just write us a quick line via our contact form and a member from our fundraising consultant agency will respond quickly with a customized solution that suits your individual needs.

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