Pitch Training: We Help Startups And Founders To Present Their Business

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Getting the opportunity to present in front of investors doesn't come by every day. Inspire them to share your vision and put money into making it happen with pitch training.

Give Your Ideas A Shot At Success

Craft A Compelling Narrative

Attract Investors And Get Funded

Win Customers And Clients

You have a brilliant business idea to pitch to your company's potential investors or key stakeholders. However, you have no idea how to communicate them effectively when the time to stand in front of people that matter comes.

Every business idea is different. While there is no perfect blueprint for presenting a business pitch, we have perfected a proven framework that will get you the next meeting with investors. Through our pitch training services, we will share it with you.

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Nail Your Pitch Deck Presentation From Start To Finish

With so many companies on the hunt for funding and a limited number of investors, you must bring your best foot forward to be memorable and leave investors wanting more. Unfortunately, most founders focus more on wanting to impress investors and less on the potential impact of their vision.

We help you navigate the pitch presentation process, so you do not lose track of what matters or let nerves get to you. Our business pitch training experts equip you with the skills to ensure consistency between your storytelling and your offer – not just reading content off slides.

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Attract Investors, Effectively

Learn how to pitch to investors in a way that will compel them to reach for their pockets and put money into your business.

Reason 1

Highlight Your Offering

Drive positive buying decisions by spotlighting your unique selling points, making your prospects want to make a purchase.

Reason 2

Rise Above The Competition

Position your business as an authority in the market to investors by delivering a competition pitch showing them the value you provide.

Reason 3

Present Your Team

Introduce the driving force behind your company with conviction and highlight their experience, professionalism, and dedication.

Reason 4

Share Your Vision, Creatively

We help you breathe life into your idea by presenting your pitch in a way that inspires people to share your vision and make it possible.  

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How Does It Work?

Reach Out To Us And Send In Your Pitch Deck

Connect with us by filling in our contact form to book our pitch training services. Once done, send us your pitch deck. Our experienced pitch trainers will conduct a quick assessment and give you tips and pointers to improve it.

We Schedule Your First Session

At a time that works for you, we schedule your first 1-hour appointment where you get to present your pitch in front of our trainers.

We Give You Feedback

Following the presentation, we will give you feedback for improvement and provide you with critical topics investors are interested in.

We Schedule Your Second Session

We will conduct your second 1-hour interview where you can showcase your improved pitching skills and give you pointers to get even better. Now, you are all set to nail your presentation!

Storytelling experts

The Spectup Advantage

It takes more than a Google search and videos to know what it is like to present to investors and hit the nail on the head. Through our pitch training services, we show you how to pitch to investors and tell you what investors look for and expect to see during presentations.

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Become More Confident

Experience firsthand what it is like to deliver a pitch to investors through practice and step into your next meeting.

Know What Investors Want

We prepare you to answer the most common questions venture capitals and investors ask during and after the pitch.

Learn What You Can Do Better

From voice projection and posture to eye contact, we teach you to express yourself clearly and confidently.

Get Your Story Straight

Learn how to address the problem the right way and convince investors that it's the perfect opportunity to grow.

What Makes A Winning Pitch Presentation?

While ensuring you have all elements of a pitch deck in your presentation is easy, it doesn't mean it will deliver value to your audience. That's where our pitch deck writers and designers come in; to help you convey your brilliant idea impactfully and maximize your chances of securing clients and funding from investors. We also help you incorporate the following in your presentation to ensure it delivers the most value to investors and potential clients:


Nothing is more impressive to investors than someone who has done all their homework. Your pitch to investors should demonstrate that you know your industry and the results your business will bring to the table for your potential investors.  


Being Concise

Investors don't have much time to listen to you rambling about all your experiences or detailing all your research. So the key is keeping things brief enough to hold their attention to the end and long enough to convey the crucial points.



While using highly technical jargon may seem impressive, it may drive away potential investors. However, by keeping your verbiage simple, your potential investors will be able to understand you and feel more confident about taking the big step.



Stories are an excellent vehicle for building trust with investors or potential clients. We teach you how to tell a story about your past experiences and how they moulded you into the right person to make things happen and deliver profitable results.



Investors always look at the financials before making any business decision. You will learn how to incorporate solid, research-backed financial models and data the smart way so they can trust you to maximize their ROI.



Everything flows when your pitch deck is well formatted and looks consistent; and even better when one idea or point flows seamlessly into the next. We teach you how to make your presentation coherent and hold your audience's attention.



Your Startup, Our Guidance: Find Your Perfect Pitch Training Plan

Pitch Training


Our package offers a complete three-stage pitch improvement program, focusing on initial practice, refining delivery, and final adjustments.

Three 45-60 Minute Sessions

Dedicated Pitch Trainer

Comprehensive Feedback

Delivery & Engagement Focus

Fine-tuning & Response Strategy

Pitch Training +
Pitch Deck Service


This package is a holistic representation of your startup, encompassing all critical facets to give investors a complete picture plus we prepare you to present.

Everything from Pitch Training

Award-Winning Slide Design (18-20 Slides)

Expert Copywriting Services

In-depth Market Research (Market Size, Trends, Competitors)

Storytelling & Value Creation

Dedicated Consultant & Calls

Monthly Investor Outreach Service

$2990 /mo

This package offering research assistance and connections with pertinent investors to streamline your outreach efforts.

Investor Analysis

Contact Collection

Customized Outreach

Document Organization

Ongoing Fundraising Consultation

Our team consists of experienced pitch trainers who heard several pitches from startups. Let's maximize your funding opportunities!


Answers, To The Most Asked Questions About Our Pitch Training Service

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Ready To Master The Art Of Presenting A Winning Pitch?

Let our experienced pitch trainers teach you how to pitch to investors, inspire them to believe in your vision and bet their money on it.

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