6 Tips for Creating a Great Film or TV Pitch Deck


6 Tips for Creating a Great Film or TV Pitch Deck

Learn how to create a great film Pitch Deck with these six tips.

It's all about the pitch. Whether you are pitching an idea for a script or looking to get your film financed, your pitch deck will be the first thing producers and investors see. Statistics tell us that investors only take about 4 minutes to go through a pitch deck. So, intriguing and high-quality film pitch decks are the key to getting your project financed. We will walk you through how to create a pitch deck from scratch in under 2 hours.

What is a Film Pitch Deck?

A film pitch deck is a PowerPoint presentation with a format that is designed to attract investors.

A movie pitch deck consists of a short open-ended story. It is a set of key slides highlighting your plans and a list of team members with their credentials.

The open-ended story gives the reader an idea of what you have in mind for the movie or TV show. You can use this section to discuss the plot, your vision for the project, how you plan on creating it, and why you feel it will be successful.

The next section should be made up of six slides highlighting your plans to create the project (the production company you work for, where you plan on shooting it, and why people should invest init). It's also worth showcasing your experience in filmmaking.

motivation film pitch deck
What is a Film Pitch Deck?

In short, a film pitch deck is a document that contains information about the project you are pitching, your target audience, and what makes your project unique. A good film pitch deck should include an introduction, synopsis, risks and challenges faced by your team,budget breakdowns, marketing plan, etc.

What Goes in a Film Pitch Deck?

In this section, we will go through everything that goes into a pitch deck for a film. Generally, the structure is partly different from the normal Pitch Deck Outline.

These decks help the film's creators express their vision and show potential financiers what they plan to do. They can also be used as a tool for filmmakers to present their idea to actors and other important people in the industry.

Every slide from deck must be thoughtful and well designed, so it is a good idea for any aspiring filmmaker to consider how they want their deck to look before going out there with it.

The first thing that a movie pitch deck should have is a storyboard for the film. The storyboard should be detailed and show enough of the story for an investor to be able to picture it. It should have a brief summary of the plot, as well as some character bios and some key scenes from the film.

storyboard film pitch deck
What Goes in a Film Pitch Deck?

Storyboard Film Pitch Deck

The pitch deck should also include a breakdown of all the expenses associated with making the film and any projections on how much money it will make once it is released.

It also needs to include any relevant social media accounts, websites, or other social media outlets being used to promote the project.

Finally, it needs to have an executive summary at the end that briefly summarizes all that has been included in the pitch deck and when they can expect to see more.

The following components are required fora Film Pitch Deck in a Summarized manner.

  • Storyboard
  • Brief Summary of the Plot
  • Some character Bios
  • Some Key scenes
  • Breakdown of all expenses
  • Promotion/Marketing strategy

6 Tips for Creating a Great Movie Pitch Deck

One of the most important documents in a filmmaker's life is the presentation deck. It is a crucial document that one must learn how to make and then use correctly to get their film funded.

This section will guide you through the process of creating a pitch deck for a movie.

1. Research and Organize Your Idea

The first step is to research your idea thoroughly. Since the world is a small place, your idea might turn out to be something someone else has implemented before. Thus, before going further with that idea, check if similar work has been done before and then find out how you can improve upon it.

You can further find additional points to include in your pitch during the research process. After that, organize your idea. Write down the plot, the vision you want people to see through your project, and the required team or essential resources you will need to make it happen.

2. Understand Who Your Audience is and What They Want

The best way to successfully make a film pitch deck is to deliver what the audience wants. Understand your audience's underlying emotions and societal factors that will help them relate to your film.

It is important to build an emotional attachment to connect with them. However,that does not mean you should change your idea into something very common.Remember, creativity always wins. If your idea is unique and attractive but not commonly accepted, it can still successfully attract investors.

3. Think about the Best Way to Present Your Idea

The film industry is jam-packed with talent. The competition is tough, and self-funding falls heavy on one's shoulders. This is why it is crucial to showcase your idea in such a manner that the investors don't think twice about saying yes to funding your project.

To grab their attention, pick out the unique selling point. Include relative stats, highly captive imagery, and distinctive points. All the mentioned points should be convincing enough to impress them. Find more tips in our article how to present pitch deck to investors.

4. Create a Storyboard to Make Sure You Have an Understanding of What You Will Say

Storyboarding is an excellent planning tool. It should be created before the finalized presentation is developed. It can be used to depict a tale or the flow of your presentation. Creating a clear storyboard gives you a better understanding of how to convey your idea to the investor. You can have a visualization of your idea and think of more creative ways to present it.

5. Draft Your Script

Drafting a script gives you a planned outlook on what will be spoken based on the content shown during your film pitch deck. This script will assist you in planning ahead as you prepare the various components that will come together to form the final output.

When you are done with storyboarding, it's time to write a script to support your presentation. Write a powerful introduction, take pauses, and mention stats or facts that will impress the investor.

6. Make Sure That The Script Flows Smoothly From Point To Point. It Should Be Easy To Follow.

When you have drafted an unstructured script, it is time to organize and formally write. Make sure the script's content is in a smooth flow, perfectly aligning with the storyboard you designed.

The best method to do that is to practice your script alongside the slides; this helps you make final tweaks and come up with better ways to communicate what you have to say. While rehearsing, focus on your body language as well.Understanding which gesture goes well with the script adds a positive impact to attracting investors.


A film pitch deck is a presentation of your movie or show. It is typically designed to convince investors to invest in your business venture.

It is important to remember that the slide deck is not about you—it’s about the investor. You need to keep them in mind at all times when designing and presenting your presentation deck.

Most pitch decks consist of between 7-13 slides with 2-4 sentences on each slide. The goal of your slide deck design should be to grab the attention of potential investors and convert them into interested parties. If you are in need of an amazing Film Pitch Deck you should check out our Pitch Deck Design Service.

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