January 27, 2022

6 Tips for Creating a Great Film Pitch Deck

You need a film pitch deck to convince investors or executives to invest in your movie idea. But crafting the perfect film pitch is tricky. Learn how with these six tips.

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It's all about the pitch. Whether you're pitching an idea for a script, or looking to get your film financed, your pitch deck will be the first thing that producers and investors see.

Gorgeous & high quality film pitch decks are the key to getting your project financed. We'll walk you through how to create a pitch deck, from scratch, in under 2 hours.

What is a Film Pitch Deck?

A film pitch deck is a PowerPoint presentation with a format that is designed to attract investors.

A film pitch deck consists of a short open-ended story, a set of key slides highlighting your plans, and a list of team members with their credentials.

The open-ended story gives the reader an idea of what you have in mind for the movie or TV show. You can use this section to talk about the plot, your vision for the project, how you plan on creating it and why you feel it will be successful.

The next section should be made up of six slides that highlight your plans to create the project (the production company you work for, where you plan on shooting it, why people should invest in it). It’s also worth showcasing your experience in filmmaking by including

motivation film pitch deck

A film pitch deck is a document that contains information about the project you are pitching, your target audience, and what makes your project unique. A good film pitch deck should include an introduction, synopsis, risks and challenges faced by your team, budget breakdowns, marketing plan etc.

What Goes in a Film Pitch Deck?

In this section, we will go through everything that goes into a pitch deck for a film.

These decks help the creators of the film to express their vision and show potential financiers what they plan to do. They can also be used as a tool for filmmakers to present their idea to actors and other important people in the industry.

A pitch deck has to be thoughtful and well designed, so it is a good idea for any aspiring filmmaker to consider how they want their deck to look before going out there with it.

The first thing that a film pitch deck should have is a storyboard for the film. The storyboard should be detailed and show enough of the story for an investor to be able to picture it. It should have a brief summary of the plot, as well as some character bios and some key scenes from the film.

storyboard film pitch deck

The pitch deck should also include a breakdown of all the expenses associated with making the film, as well as any projections on how much money it will make once it is released.

It also needs to include any relevant social media accounts, websites, or other social media outlets that are being used in order to promote this project.

Finally, it needs to have an executive summary at the end that briefly summarizes what all has been included in this pitch deck - when they can expect to see more.

Summarized, the following components are required for a Film Pitch Deck

  • Storyboard
  • Brief Summary of the Plot
  • Some character Bios
  • Some Key scenes
  • Breakdown of all expenses
  • Promotion/Marketing strategy

6 Tips for Creating a Great Film Pitch Deck

One of the most important documents in a filmmaker's life is the pitch deck. It is a crucial document that one must learn how to make and then use correctly in order to get their film funded.

This section will guide you through the process of creating a pitch deck for a movie.

  1. research and organize your idea
  2. Understand who your audience is and what they want
  3. Think about the best way to present your idea
  4. Create a storyboard to make sure you have an understanding of what you will say
  5. Draft your script
  6. Make sure that the script flows smoothly from point to point, it should be easy to follow


A film pitch deck is a presentation of your movie or show. It is typically designed to convince investors to invest in your business venture.

It is important to remember that the pitch deck is not about you—it’s about the investor. You need to keep them in mind at all times when designing and presenting your pitch deck.

Most pitch decks consist of between 7-13 slides with 2-4 sentences on each slide. The goal of your slide design should be to grab the attention of potential investors and convert them into an interested party.

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