5 Best Reasons You Should Hire A Pitch Deck Writer


5 Best Reasons You Should Hire A Pitch Deck Writer

A professional pitch deck writer will help you with financial projections, market sizing, and competitor analysis. They have all of the necessary skills to strategically present your company or product in the best possible light. Great pitch deck writers can get you in front of the right person and ultimately convince them to accept your proposal.

A professional pitch deck writer will help you with financial projections, market sizing, and competitor analysis. They have all of the necessary skills to strategically present your company or product in the best possible light. Great pitch deck writers can get you in front of the right person and ultimately convince them to accept your proposal.

If you are still unconvinced about hiring a pitch writer, we suggest you keep reading and find out the best reasons to hire a pitch deck writer.

What Is A Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck presentation, also referred to as a startup pitch deck or slide deck, is a visual document or presentation consisting of 10-20 slides that inform investors about your business plan, products or services, the need for fundraising, and important metrics like valuation, target market, and financial objectives.

If you want to know all the details about what a pitch deck is read our other article.

Pitch Deck Example

What Is The Purpose Of A Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a valuable tool in raising capital for a company. It is a document created for business owners or entrepreneurs to give prospective investors a condensed but informative overview of their startup or company. A pitch deck's primary goal is to pique the interest and even excitement of investors in a company. It is created to lead to another meeting and the possibility of an investment discussion.

You have the option of producing a pitch deck yourself or hiring a pitch deck writer with extensive experience to help you stand out from your competitors.  

5 Best Reasons You Should Hire A Pitch Deck Writer

Entrepreneurs seek to attract investors to their company, whether for funding or other stakeholder interests that can bring a plethora of financial or business opportunities. When trying to get funding or even just a meeting with a new investor, you will undoubtedly require a pitch deck, and hiring a pitch deck writer will take you to the next level.


These writers are knowledgeable enough to attract the investment you require. Their experience can assist you in producing a superior pitch deck that will impress lenders as well as investors and helps you raise the money you require to successfully launch or expand your business. People who are writing a deck have successfully navigated the various requirements and challenges that go into making a winning one, thanks to their prior experience.


Pitch deck writers possess all the abilities required to create an ideal pitch. They are exceptional writers with solid research and analytical abilities. Additionally, they possess the power to comprehend complex financial data and projections. They also have the graphic design expertise to effectively communicate your pitch to audiences in a visual manner.

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Time Saving

Pitch deck writing needs to be creative and flawless since it leaves a more lasting impression of you or your company.Thus, researching, writing, and designing a pitch deck takes a lot of time, and it can be a lot more time-consuming for someone who is not technically skilled at it.

Therefore, hiring a pitch deck writer is a smart option. They can quickly design a pitch that is flawlessly written and presented. You can save your time here and use it to prepare for other fund-raising necessities.

Previous Clients

A skilled writer of pitch decks will also have positive testimonials from previous customers. You will be able to look up their prior feedback and performance to confirm for yourself that they can create a compelling pitch deck. This is also the best way to assess a writer before trusting them with your work.

Engage Investors

Pitch deck writers are experts at fitting attractive and compelling information into fewer slides and words as they are well aware that reading can be made difficult by excessive wordiness or length. They are also aware of the ideal layout for each individual deck. Since each one has different requirements, they structure it in such a way that it attracts, motivates, and retains the target audiences' attention.

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What Should Be Included In An Investor Pitch Deck?

Many entrepreneurs leave out important information and sections when creating pitch decks for investors. It's critical to include valuable information regarding your company and the potential products, and how the funds will be used to help the company reach its objectives. This small document should include a detailed explanation that will help to build much-needed trust with investors.

Though every pitch deck outline is different, we have made a complete list of sections you should use in your pitch deck. Here is what should be included in pitch deck.

Introduction/Overview of the Company

The first slide of the pitch deck should introduce the presentation and explain the business in simple,easy-to-understand terms. You can summarize your company, the problem it solves, where you are located, the management team's experience, and any critical success you have already accomplished in 4-6 bullet points.

The Company's Mission/Vision

You want a concise summary of the company's mission/vision on this slide. The vision can be the goal you hope to achieve, whereas the mission is what your company strives to do.

The Problem

Describe a problem that the company's target market is experiencing. Orient this information in such a way that it demonstrates the marketability of your product or service.

The Solution

The "The Solution" section of your investor pitch deck should explain your proposed solution and why it is superior to other solutions on the market. This deck should be aligned with the pitch deck's "Product" slide.

The Market Potential

In this slide, include details about the market opportunity for your business to succeed in this environment as well as the competitive landscape in which it operates. You can also include the sizeof the market for goods and services similar to those that the company provides.

Your Products

If you have a large number of products or services that you are aiming to sell, we suggest you use less text and more visual aids. This section can be longer and thus should be more exciting and appealing.

The Competitors

This pitch deck competition slide is vital as it highlights relevant information about the features that separate your product or service from competitors or alternatives in the market. You will first have to perform your competitive analysis to get this information.

Pitch Deck Writer Competition Research

Financial Situation and Business Model Overview

In order to persuade investors, you must clearly show your company's financial situation for a minimum of three to five years, including income statements, projected growth, and details on the actual startup business model.

Marketing Plan

It is essential to describe in detail how the product will be marketed and sold to its target market. This way, investors will be able to clearly understand and analyze the market potential of your product.

Your Funding Requirement

This is a must-have part of your whole pitch deck. In this part, you will convey the amount you need as well as what you plan to do. Moreover, this can also include a small timeline in which the funding will be utilized.

If you are writing a pitch deck for investors, we suggest you clearly explain ideas detailed in bullet points. Try to use infographic content as they are more appealing than a lot of text and can lead to questions and even subsequent meetings.

Where Should You Get Pitch Deck Writing Services From?

A highly qualified pitch deck agency focuses on fully grasping your target market and transforming your business concept into an engaging story that will empower, excite, and motivate investors to take action. There are many ways you can get pitch deck writing services.

  • We highly recommend to check our own pitch deck services. We offer leading services in that area and bring a lot of startup, fundraising expertise into the ring in addition with our investor's perspective.
  • If you have some close friends in the industry who have previously secured funding through hiring a pitch deck writer, you can ask them.
  • Moreover, you can just simply search for them online. Once you have listed the suitable writers that fall under your budget, look at their previous client's reviews on multiple platforms. After selecting the best among them,proceed to strike up a conversation with them. While telling them about your requirements, ask them to share their previous work in the same context. If all your requirements click with them, share all the information you want to include in the pitch deck with them. Even if some information is left behind,these professionals will reach back to you.
  • You can also hire a pitch deck writer Fiverr to assist you in meeting your pitch deck design project planning goals and deadline. This platform is an excellent option for businesses looking to hire someone dependable with all the necessary technical expertise while staying within their budget - but to be honest, often the quality is not that good.

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