How to send Pitch Decks to investors?


How to send Pitch Decks to investors?

Your investor pitch deck is ready and you want to get in touch with investors now? We explain the most important aspects.

So you have your investor pitch deck all-set to entice investors with your incredible ideas. But wait, do you want to know how to send pitch deck to investors?

Even if you have a brilliant startup idea, a team of enthusiastic individuals, a promising marketing strategy, and the potential to rise in the competitive market, you still need investment capital to give wings to your business model.

But how to reach venture capital investors and how to entice them with your incredible proposal?

You can do that by creating a compelling and professional investor presentation that presents a detailed vision of your perspective. It will influence the VCs to lend you the financial support you are looking for. spectup offers a fabulous Pitch Deck Consultant and Design Service.

What Should Be The Purpose Of Your Investor Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is purposely created, structured, and prepared to give investors an overview of your business or the entire strategy behind your initial startup.  A slide deck is a review of your product, the working model of your business plan, financial information and customer, competitor and market information.

Purpose of A pitch deck
Purpose of investor pitch deck

The primary objective of your pitch should be to provoke the interest of VCs by highlighting the individuality and profitability of your concept. This will urge the investors to schedule a follow-up meeting with you and listen to your idea instead of dumping your pitch.

In short, the initial engaging presentation deck will be the first impression of your company or brand, giving you the spark of hope from the investors.

Now that you know what is a pitch deck and what it does for you, it’s time to know how to send pitch deck to investors?

Send Your Pitch Deck In The Perfect Manner

Since the pitch deck holds the "Yes” and “No” aspects of your investment opportunity, it needs to be delivered with precision. Keep the following tips in mind when sending a summarized version of your pitch deck to multiple VCs who might show interest in your idea.

A Gripping Narration

The investors usually spend about 4 minutes reading multiple pitches coming to them. So, your narrative must be captivating enough to make them stop and demand more details!

Ariel Polar, an angel investor, claims that “I want a deck that right off tells me what it is about.”

While sending your pitch deck to VCs, make sure the opening sentences are filled with concise yet gripping content and deliver the true essence of your idea. Without going into a lengthy description of your product, follow with the element of simplicity and clarity. Describe how your product has the potential to stand out among others.

Your pitch deck will likely go through associates before reaching the VC. These people look for lucrative opportunities that sound interesting at a single glance. So, invest your time in designing an eye-catching subject sentence that touches the mind with its versatility.

Review Your Pitch Deck Before Sending

Once the investor feels thrilled with your opening narrative, he will want to learn more about it. So, before sending your pitch deck, make sure it includes the “Wow” element of your startup idea without getting into lengthy details. Also, every slide form deck has to add something new.  Now, it is only possible when you review your pitch deck from every angle before sending it and send a professional pitch deck.

You are delivering information about your product right from the beginning to the final slide of your slide deck. So, keeping things concise about your startup plan, explain to investors the market size of your product, the challenges you are willing to face, list of your active team members, and most importantly, how much return on investment you are hoping to get with this remarkable idea.

Don't Share Everything

Although you intend to see your idea set into motion as quickly as possible, sharing every thought with your investors is not the right approach. Each slide from deck must simply, concisely, and clearly give investors something to ponder over and influence them to invite you for a further discussion about your project.

Sending an investor pitch deck is the first step to gaining the confidence of the investors; there are many more meetings to come. Remember you need Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors to feel engaged with your idea, and so leave explaining the facts and figures and anything else that is private and confidential to investors in person.

The crucial information about your business model, the customer and market data related to your business notion, and how you will be handling the financial aspect of your business project should be discussed when the investor gives you a meetup call. When you meet with the investors, you can present them with a full-fledged slide demo about your startup venture.

Don't share everything in a pitch

Exclusive Market Survey

Before building your investor pitch deck, make sure you have carefully studied the market you will be serving. The finest way of impressing the investors is to inform them about the market you intend to target and serve.

Investors want to have a clear idea that you understand your market, the consumers you will be serving, and how your product or service could benefit them. Moreover, try to convince the investors that the market for your product is large and there is a huge potential and demand for your product or service. This will create an impression that you have done your homework before you set out to acquire investment.

Deliver It With The Right Attitude

You have everything in place. you have the idea, the market research surrounding your business plans, expected customer approach towards your business idea, but you need to have the ideal attitude while presenting it to the investors.

Remember, every project has its weaknesses. Therefore, perfectionism resonating from every sentence of your pitch deck may plant a seed of doubt in the mind of the investors. Refrain from sounding obsessive or overly optimistic about the project. Maintain an unprejudiced attitude throughout the pitch deck with enthusiasm to tackle barriers along the way.

Formalities To Keep In Mind

While designing the investor pitch deck, pay special attention to the formalities and way of delivering information.

  • Keep things professional, use statistics, highlight references, pay special attention to the graphics and layout of your pitch deck format, and try to develop a connection with the investors.
  • Avoid attaching too many files and huge bulky paragraphs that sound boring and uninteresting.
  • Close the mail by giving in your contact details and readiness to discuss your idea in detail.

Easily Downloadable Files

Make sure your pitch deck file is in PDF format as it will give the users easy access to your file and is even mobile-friendly. Giving the prospective investors a file that is less than 10 MB in size and is easily accessible on all major operating systems will make things easier and allow investors to get your doc straight without facing any barriers.

Final Words

So, now you know how to send pitch deck to investors?

In short, develop your investor pitch deck after thorough research and pay attention to graphics, structure, and composition to make it look professional. Each slide from deck has to convey the right information.

Avoid writing a giant mail with too many wordy slides. Use short paragraphs with catchy sentences to give investors an overview of your entire vision, the capital you will need, and how they can earn a return on their investment.

And if you got invited to pitch your business, read our article about how to present the pitch deck.

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