12 Best Startup Communities To Join


12 Best Startup Communities To Join

Startup communities are specialized groups that help businesses grow, network, seek new opportunities, and find mentors that positively contribute to their ideas.

Startup teams do not solely rely on traditional means of marketing and scaling up. They focus more on finding and engaging in a community to scale up through networking. Startup communities are specialized groups that help businesses grow, help them network, seek new opportunities, and find mentors that positively contribute to their ideas.

Are you a business startup looking to join a community that provides you expert guidance and resource to thrive in your field?

Some Things You Should Know Before Joining A Startup Community

One can join a startup community at any stage of their business. The communities are full of well-established and experienced professionals willing to help your business grow, irrespective of your business's stage. Some startup communities charge membership to interested companies, while others are free of cost.

Once you find your best-suited community, your business begins to thrive in the environment. For this, it is vital that you connect with communities that provide a nurturing environment and are focused on always building each other up. 

12 of the Best Startup Communities to Join

To have a healthy start-up community is like a healthy heart in the start-up world because it ensures the health and life of a start-up, and thus, we have brought you a list of the 12 best startup communities for you to join to scale your venture to a whole new level.

Growth Mentor

Growth Mentor is best suited for start-ups seeking a one-on-one experience with seasoned professionals. It is a popular choice among individuals seeking more personal advice from experienced entrepreneurs. The professionals on this platform are well-versed with the culture and requirements of start-ups, making it easy to connect. If your aim in joining a start-up community is to seek personalized advice, Growth Mentor is the best startup community choice.

startup communities: growth mentor

Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a veteran community in the start-up world spanning 125 countries. It is a popular choice among startups seeking to learn from, get help from, and connect with founders and owners with similar experiences. Start-up Grind is the largest and one of the best startup communities where a diverse blend of experienced individuals come together to share advice and expand their network.

startup communities: startup grind

No Code Founders 

If seek a community for your non-technical start-up, No Code Founders is the best fit for you. No Code Founders was started in 2019 as a community for start-ups that were not using coding for their business. Communities like these help non-technical businesses in the start-up world where coding is a common attribute.

No Code Founders provide non-technical start-ups an opportunity to build their own community, and it is on the list of best start up communities not only because of its uniqueness but also because it is a free-of-cost social group.

startup communities: no code founders

The 10X Factory 

The 10X Factory is a slack-based community where founders congregate to network.The process to apply for admission into this community is relatively rigorous,coupled with a monthly fee in exchange for an active, engaging, and helpful community as the community promises a healthy environment with a growth mindset.

Indie Hackers

If you are looking for an online platform to grow your start-up and improve your business, Indie Hackers is your best bet. Professionals on this platform share their experiences and give advice to start-ups seeking assistance. It is an online platform free of cost; however, in order to acquire unique benefits, a fee is to be paid.

Startup Nation 

Startup Nation is a community predominantly seeking to help new start-ups build their businesses. Startup Nation is the best startup community for you if you have just initiated or are planning to initiate a start-up. With a plethora of how-tos,guides, webinars, and podcasts, Startup Nation aims to give you the required resources to start and perfect your business idea(s). Being part of this community is like having the cheat code to a successful business model.

startup communities: startup nation

SaaS Founders 

SaaSFounders is a global community of founders that network to share their experiences and learn from each other. The community hosts many supremely talented, intelligent, and helpful bunch of founders. It has an application process for admission but is free of cost. SaaS Founders makes it into the list of best startup communities for the level of engagement it offers free of cost.


FoundersBeta is a website that caters to founders of startups and people seeking to work in those startups. Through this website, startups are able to find resources for their business in the form of advice from seasoned professionals, services, and employees. Startups can recruit the best fit for their business through this community. Job seekers can also find the best-fitting startup for themselves through job fairs hosted by the community.

FoundersBeta is not a free platform and requires an annual fee for the service it provides.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the perfect fit for startup owners interested in innovative and unique products being designed globally. The community is free to join and filled to the brim with startup owners sharing product ideas and designs. The Product Hunt community is an active learning experience that will keep you motivated to grow your business and improve your designs. This platform is an excellent source for businesses to improve their current outlook and is among the best startup communities to join for product geeks.

startup communities: product hunt

Cuckoo’s Nest

Cuckoo’s Nest is a well-known Silicon Valley networking club that provides an ideal ecosystem for businesses seeking innovative ideas and organic growth. Cuckoo’s Nest connects artistic, driven, and innovative leaders of its field to connect and collaborate in a healthy environment. Cuckoo’s Nest is a premier ensuring success for entrepreneurial innovators in the field. Although the club demands a significant yearly fee, it promises to connect you to a successful future.Cuckoo’s Nest is one of the best startup communities in Silicon Valley, best suited for founders aiming to make it big.

11. Nomad’s List

Much like its name, Nomad’s List is a community of digital nomads. The community caters to remote workers working across the globe. There are two different kinds of membership fees to join this community. Founders on Nomad’s List share information on the best location to move to and keep working remotely, and additional information on costs of living, culture, and expenses are also shared in this community. If you seek to travel all the while and keep working remotely, this community might prove fruitful for you.


If you are looking for a free-of-cost community to join to strengthen your start-up idea, this subreddit might be the ideal fit. Once you get accepted into the subreddit, you will enter an active community of experienced professionals. You can use the platform to get advice, seek mentorship, interact with, and network with other like-minded professionals to grow your start-up.

The Bottom Line

All businesses need a little assistance to grow. The start-up world is full of helpful professionals eager to see your business ideas thrive in the market.Nonetheless, it is necessary to do your research before entering any startup community to ensure that the money and time you spend applying to exclusive communities does not go to waste.

You must acknowledge that there is no one size fits all solution in the start-up world. What proves to be the best startup community for hundreds of businesses does not necessarily mean it will be the best fit for your business; thus, it is essential to take time and make informed decisions when it comes to joining a business community.

Start-ups are small businesses or business ideas built on a foundation of innovation and unique concepts. In the business world, start-ups are like the black sheep of the herd- the unique ideas that stand out in a fleet of traditional models.Their uniqueness becomes a source of their attractiveness in the consumer's eyes. 

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